The fast-paced transition from Web2 games towards Web3 gaming through blockchain-based technological developments is quickly conquering crowds.
The introduction of Web3 games enables players to incorporate ways of earning cryptocurrencies and NFTs through blockchain apps, and Web2 gaming companies are paying attention. Ownership, a key feature in Web3, allows players to own the digital assets they acquire, which they can sell for cryptocurrency and other digital assets.
As the gaming industry experiments more with incorporating NFTs and blockchain technology into games, some developers may feel their Web2 games are missing out. Many players are even demanding tokenization and other Web3 elements from the games they already love.
If you have a published or in-development game, there are ways to Web3 your Web2 game without going completely back to the drawing board. Tag along and learn why the transition is necessary and how you can make a seamless upgrade to Web3 gaming without returning to the drawing board.